Andrew Quackenbos

Software Engineer

About Myself

Building software is both a career and a passion of mine. In my spare time, you can often find me building fun little tools or side projects to try and make things smoother or simpler for my friends and family. I want the software I'm creating to actively aid in improving the lives of others, and do everything it can to make their day-to-day needs easier to achieve. Whether by saving them time or granting them easy access to new information, software is my way of achieving that.


Shippensburg University


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Sitesquad (February 2011 - Present)

Partner (February 2018 - Present)

As a Technical Partner for a small company, I perform a great deal of duties throughout the course of a given day or week.

  • Technical planning and decision-making, selecting our software and frameworks of choice for new and ongoing projects as they evolve.
  • Architecture for new software and new features to existing software, up to and including complete software specifications, hardware integration planning, and API blueprinting.
  • Development of software and features, mostly in PHP or Javascript. Most commonly within the Magento framework, or utilizing Vue.js.
  • Project management, including evaluation of budgeting concerns and timeline.
  • Software team management, code reviews, and performance evaluations for other engineers on staff.
  • Repository management and integrity for over 25 source-controlled projects for the company.
  • Optimization reviews and implementation, using industry standard tools such as NewRelic to find places to increase the performance of our software and libraries.
  • Security analysis, monitoring, and active measures, including both preventative and reactive changes for ecommerce sites.
  • Direct client relationship management, interfacing directly with business owners, user experience specialists, and integration managers from various companies.

Lead Developer (February 2015 - January 2018)

Expertise in Magento lead to a promotion, taking on new projects and branching out into more technologies, such as Vue.js.

Web Developer (February 2013 - January 2015)

Brought on as a direct hire software engineer for continued work in Magento.

Independent Contractor (February 2011 - January 2013)

Hired initially as an independent contractor for custom PHP framework management.

Management Science Associates (July 2010 - February 2011)

Software Developer

Developed stored procedures in Oracle for large data (millions of rows) management, retrieval, and analysis. Worked closely with .NET team to adapt SQL views and tables for long-term stability and compatibility.